Platinumetrix provides Technology institutions with sustainable solutions to keep up with evolving innovations and increasing customer expectations, helping maximize product margins and profits

Customer Intelligence

Customer profiling and segmentation
Use segmentation techniques to segregate high value loyal customers from high value threat customers, and provide strategies to retain the latter.
Consumer promotion effectiveness modeling – B2C and B2B
Analyze, track and monitor the impact of a promotion/campaign on customer (both business and consumers).

Product level Analysis

Product life cycle analysis
Analyze the lifecycle of a product from inception to end of life, helping target the customers at the right time for warranty or product refresh.
Cross-sell and Up-sell opportunities identification
Using market basket analysis or clustering techniques to identify products that can be sold together, or products that can be replaced by another product with better specs.
Product Pricing Analysis
Competitor and market analysis to derive the best price for different product groups.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Pipeline Management
– Analyze sales pipeline of the organization to give visibility into the win rate and close rate for different product groups.
Sales Productivity Management
Analyze the productivity of sales representative in an organization to segment high performing sales reps from others and manage different field experts better.
Sales Channel Management – Direct/Indirect – Retailer, Distributor
Provide insights into managing sales channel distribution to the optimal level .

Store Management

E-commerce and direct stores optimization
Optimization on the supply chain of products into the online and direct stores.
Cart abandonment analysis – E commerce
Analysis of stage at which a customer decides to abandon their cart during online purchase, to provide insights into better online store management .
In store product placement analysis – retail distributors
Optimize product placement in retail outlets to get maximum visibility and footfalls .
Store inventory optimization – Direct stores
Forecasting product inventory requirements to manage a healthy supply chain and meet customer demands.
Store operations management – Direct stores
Streamline store operations, reduce operating expense and optimize sales.

Market Measurements

Total Addressable Market and Share of Wallet analysis
Provide insights into current footprint of the organization in the given geography and the possible market size .
Market Mix Optimization
Predicting the optimal mix of marketing variables/strategies to increase company’s sales and profit.
Competitor analysis
Analyzing competitor behavior in the market with the available data to provide insights for future strategies.
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