Data Harmonization

Data is the cradle element of Analytics. It has been estimated that over 60 percent of the total effort in delivering a data driven analytical solution is dedicated towards getting the data into the right shape. Hence it is imperative to be able to gather, collate , clean, manage, and structure data into a format which is conducive for analysis. With sound knowledge in data manipulation tools like SAS, SQL and R, we aim to maximize our efforts towards core analysis.

Strategic Reporting and Data Visualization

Reporting and visualization solutions lay the foundation for data driven insights. It helps our clients assess and understand portfolio health resulting in tangible business benefits. Our team comes across with vast expertise in visualization tools like Tableau, Qlikview and SAS among others, which are key to developing the most powerful and effective business reports.

Business Analysis and Consulting

Our maximum emphasis lies in understanding our clients business and analytical techniques. Our team of expert data scientists comes with sound knowledge of business, mathematics, econometrics and statistics, which help them tackle any business problem , thus helping customers take better business decisions.

Predicitve Modelling

These sophisticated statistical models can predict the most critical business KPIs with high accuracy. From simple solutions like Clustering and Regression to more complex methods like Neural network and simulation, our team has the capability to handle the most intricate business problems, and apply the most appropriate method to derive the most profitable insights.

Advisory Services

Taking our services to the next level, we offer data and analytics driven consulting to help you in making smarter decisions and run your business in a more profitable way.

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