Retail and E-Commerce

Platinumetrix helps Retail and E-commerce institutions drive competitive advantage by providing personalized customer centric approach to store and site management, customer, marketing, pricing and channel strategy

Customer Intelligence

Consumer transactional behavior analysis
Integrate historical data of customer’s store footfall with market research to predict different customer segments transactional patterns
Collaborative Filtering and Market Basket Analysis
Discovering successful product mixes by analyzing customer purchases
Consumer promotion effectiveness modeling
Analyze, track and monitor the impact of a promotion/campaign on customer’s spent in the store
Customer Social Media Experience Analysis
Analyze customer sentiment on different social media portals to facilitate marketing campaigns and strategies

Store Management (Retail Specific)

Store Location optimization
Optimize on macro and micro economic factors to come up with most cost and revenue effective store locations
Shelf space and assortment optimization
Analyze customer purchase pattern to allot shelf spaces to different product mixes
Store inventory optimization
Forecasting product inventory requirements to manage a healthy supply chain and meet customer demands
Store operations management
Streamline store operations, reduce operating expense and optimize sales

On-site & In-App Optimization (E-commerce Specific)

Conversion Funnel Optimization
Track and assess customer journey through e-commerce site and provide insights into increasing the conversion rate
Payment Management
Monitor and understand the payments lifecycle, and build strategies to optimize the payment channels
Fraud Management
Analyze browsing and purchasing patterns, payment methods to proactively detect and trigger fraudulent transactions
Supply Chain Optimization
Forecasting product inventory requirements using order history and analyze supplier to vendor to customer supply chain for the most smooth and optimal order management system

Market Measurements

Demand forecasting
Use historical sales data and market research to develop demand data, to help forecast the future demand
Market Mix Optimization
Predicting the optimal mix of marketing variables/strategies to increase company’s sales and profit
Pricing Analytics
Predict how customers react to different price levels and offers, to come up with most profitable pricing and discount levels for the store .
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