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During my over 25 years in the industry, I have had the distinct advantage of working with leading multi-nationals right from the incubation stage. I have seen companies grow into industry giants in a short span of time only through right decision making. To reach such heights, one factor distinguishes an industry leader from the rest - Intelligence. Business intelligence has always been driven by data. As a part of my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve come to believe that data has become the single most powerful asset an organization can possess. Corporations produce and accumulate vast amounts of data on their customers, products, services, and operations. By 2020, the world will produce approximately 40 zettabytes of data; more than 300 times than that in 2005. When analyzed correctly, this data has the potential to provide companies with unparalleled competitive business advantage.

Successful enterprises are quick to embrace advanced technologies and the most efficient process management architecture. When these forces come together they form a powerful Business Intelligence framework that empowers the enterprise to gain competitive edge over others. Data is the backbone of this framework. What sets enterprises apart is how they transform this data into meaningful insights and in turn insights into educated actionable strategies for long term benefits. Analytics is all about being able to combine these elements with a strong foundational knowledge of corporate business. Analytics or data science as they often call it is the future of Modern Science; the magic wand, the crystal ball, that can transform your business to scale heights never reached before.

Platinumetrix is our center of excellence in the field of Analytics and Data Science. We founded Platinumetrix with a vision to change the way industries look at Analytics. We are indeed experts in mathematical science and technology. But at the core of every solution we develop lies an understanding of your business and your data. We are your strategic alliance partners through every stage of your business life cycle. Our aim, through data driven decision making, is to optimize your processes and operations, reduce costs and increase revenues. However, the greater service of this process is the value it brings to the end users, the consumers of your products. For it is they who benefit the most, who's lives get transformed for the better from your improved productivity and revenues. As a team of professionals, we are empowered by a group of experienced, yet young and vibrant individuals who have served as leaders in their respective fields in analytics and made a significant impact with their contributions. With the best of minds on board and with years of industry experience we have positioned ourselves to be your preferred partner for a long term relationship.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you at Platinumetrix to explore our services and solutions. You will find they they cater to most of your business objectives and are tailor made for your specific needs. Our workforce epitomizes alignment - Your success is synonymous with our success.

Ronnie Banerjea

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