Platinumetrix helps healthcare institutions optimize their operational efficiency, improve their clinical performance and decision making and manage financial performance through growth strategies and cost optimization by providing sustainable and actionable analytical solutions

Clinical Process Optimization

Quality of Care Maximization
Evidence based practices to improve clinical quality of care. Optimize different attributes to maximize quality of patient care and maximize on pay for performance model
Medical Error Prevention
Optimize on different attributes to maximize quality of patient care and maximize on pay for performance
Physician Performance Profiling
Understand physician profiles and clinical performance and achieve physician alignment through linked incentives
Population Wellness Analysis
Analyze public health data and drive value based outcomes to improve population wellness.

Operational Optimization

Catchment Area Optimization
Measurement and optimization of current clinical setup with respect to area population along with suggestions on new setup locations to maximize revenue.
Workforce Optimization Programs
Manage and optimize human resources to optimize cost deliver maximum quality of care ensuring maximum patient safety.
Cost Benefit Analysis
Assess and analyze the key cost heads and estimate how ROI can be maximized for each of these cost functions

Financial Performance Management

Claims Management
Monitoring and optimization of claims process to minimize losses.
Administrative cost management
Minimization of administrative and operative costs to maximize profits
Revenue growth optimization
Identification of revenue drivers and optimizing on them to drive revenue growth

Risk Management and Risk Mitigation

Regulatory Requirements
Key business reports to adhere to regulatory compliance Management
Patient Safety
Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities and chances of medical error
Fraudulent Behavior
Identification of events that could possibly trigger a fraudulent transaction
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