Energy Utilities

Platinumetrix provides the Energy industry with Big data and analytics capabilities to help them leverage data and better understand their customers, improve service, and detect and prevent energy theft

Customer Experience

Usage based Offer Design
Analyze customer usage data to design usage and utility based offers and plans. Develop customized plans and tariffs across usage based segments
Segment Consumption Forecasting
Aggregate data from consumer smart meters rolled up to daily level. Cluster all consumers on the basis of usage based behavioral measures and for each cluster develop of a forecasting model to know future energy usage
Price Sensitivity
Predict how customers react to different price levels, to come up with optimal pricing strategy for the Utility packages. Customize user tariffs according to their usage
Customer Retention
Manage customer relationship better an avoid attrition through identification of key factors leading to churn and competitor offerings. Develop a consolidated predictive model to effectively capture most likely future churn candidates

Operational Optimization

Load Optimization
Continuous calculation and assessment of load limits to manage excessive load on grids, thereby effectively channelizing power and reduce outage
Load Prediction
Predictive Analytics using historical data to predict in advance, potential excessive load on the grid
Theft and Fraud Management
Analysis of real-time smart meter data to trigger alarms when power flowing thorough a substation doesn’t match the input from the meters

Generation performance Improvement

Performance Monitoring
Regular grid health check and activity monitoring through advanced dashboards
Equipment Lifetime Estimation
Monitor performance of individual assets and equipment in the network, and predict failure time of equipment to effectively address outage
Demand forecasting
Use historical sales data and market research data to develop demand data across segments, geographies, to help forecast the future demand and optimize load.

Market Measurement Science

Campaign Management
Tracking and evaluation of above the line and below the line campaigns. Predictive models to assess customer response. Understand key campaign attributes driving sales
Renewable Energy Integration
Evaluation and cost assessment of new generation sustainable energy options
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