Analytics is a combination of the right blend of Science, Process and Technology enabling optimal operability of business processes 


Platinumetrix is one of the top emerging global providers of analytics and decision science as a service, helping businesses across geographies improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision management across functions through data driven insights and strategies. Platinumetrix hails its origin from The Platinum group, a renowned name the corporate legal space helping law firms streamline the discovery process in information-intensive litigation matters and investigations.

Platinumetrix focuses on providing our customers with the optimal strategy to tackle any business problem through a comprehensive understanding of business, innovation, and cross-industry expertise. With a strong presence in Legal Analytics, Platinumetrix has diversified into the space of Banking, Retail, Energy, Technology and Other industries, providing tailor-made end to end solutions with strong execution and a dedicated approach to meet and exceed client needs. Platinumetrix comprises of 50+ years of cumulative world class analytics expertise across different domains. This lean workforce has been formed with handpicked tenured individuals with vast experience in the field of analytics, extremely proficient in handling complex data problems, new age technology, big data capabilities, process management and vertical functions. Read More 


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 We believe in developing strategic partnerships with our customers rather than just solutions in silos thereby delivering intelligence and smarter decisions for your business 

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Business Sense is key to Analytics, every solutions we develop are customized and tailor made in accordance with your needs.

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